• A firefighter poses with a small child wearing fire fighting gear
  • A firefighter shows children how to properly avoid smoke in a fire
  • An ambulance sits behind a large poster which reads,
  • Children excitedly raise their hands next to a fire truck
  • Children listen to a firefighter explain what the different parts of a fire truck can do
  • Children learn about the Fire Departments ambulance
  • Children get up close to a firefighter wearing full protective gear
  • The big trucks of the Fire Department line up for a parade
  • Children listen to a talk from the Police Department
  • Children look at the equipment inside an ambulance
  • Firefighters show kids the equipment secured on the side of a fire truck
  • Children learn about the different water connections on the side of the truck
  • A firefighter explains the inner workings of a fire truck to fascinated children
  • Engine 411 and Ladder 425 rest side by side outside the fire station
  • Firefighters demonstrate properly connecting a fire hose to a hydrant
  • Children watch as firefighters extend the big ladder
  • Children hold the fire hose
  • Kids work together to hold the fire hose as it sprays water over a field
  • Children aim the stream of water coming out of the hose
  • Children learn about the rescue equipment in a helicopter
  • Children pose with the helicopter crew
  • Children in Halloween cosutmes get a close look at a fire truck
  • Firefighters demonstrate how to put on their protective gear
  • Firefighters show their equipment to a group of preschoolers
  • A group of children in the fire station
  • Children sit and learn about the fire truck
  • A firefighter puts on the protective gear
  • Firefighters show children the functions of their protective gear
  • Firefighters show the features of their protective gear
  • Firefighters prepare to educate children
  • All compartments of a fire truck are open
  • Children look into a fire truck
  • A firefighter shows a big hose to the children
  • Children learn about the fire truck
  • The Fire Department is present at a large event
  • Fire vehicles parked near a rock climbing wall

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