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Where in the Parks Am I?

  1. Where in the Parks Am I?
    From May to October, 2020, we will be featuring a different parks and encourage people to get out and enjoy the 56 parks and 50 miles of trails Urbandale offers! Each month we will feature a different park in Urbandale, and challenge participants to try to guess which park we are highlighting. Each week we will provide a new clue about the park and a photo that has been taken in the park. Participants are challenged to try to figure out which park we are featuring for that month. If you can figure it out, you have a chance to win a prize! A random drawing from the correct entries each month will determine that month’s winner. Monthly prize opportunities include gift cards to local businesses and parks and recreation classes, Parks and Recreation T-shirts, and even a wagon ride at the Polk County Equestrian Center!
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