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City Clerk

  1. Application to Serve on City Board, Commission or Committee

    Please complete this application to volunteer and serve on a City Board, Commission or Committee.

  2. Proclamation Request

    At various times throughout the year, the Mayor issues proclamations or resolutions to honor or recognize an event, period of time, or... More…

  1. Peddler Complaint

    SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY SHOULD BE REPORTED TO WESTCOM DISPATCH. Please call 515-222-3321 to report an issue that is in progress. All... More…

City Manager's Office

  1. Photo Release

    Photo/video release form granting City of Urbandale consent to reproduce, publish, circulate, or otherwise use for promotional purposes... More…

Fire Department

  1. Fire Department Strategic Plan RSVP

    The Urbandale Fire Department is updating its strategic plan and is seeking interested citizens to be part of the process. RSVP using... More…

  2. UFD Event Appearance Request

    Form used by the Urbandale Fire Department to receive Birthday and Party appearance requests.

  1. Fire/EMS Customer Service Survey

    This form may be used to provide feedback on the services provided and interactions with the Urbandale Fire Department.

Human Resources

  1. Patient Survey - Worker's Compensation

    One of our ongoing goals is to better serve you the patient. Please take a few moments to complete this survey. Your comments will... More…

  1. Safety Incident Notifications

    Please complete this form to help the City's Safety Committee.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Adopt a Park

    Adopt a Park is a public service program for volunteers to assist the City in keeping parks beautiful. Park Ambassadors are responsible... More…

  2. Park Ambassador Checklist
  1. Adopt a Trail

Police Department

  1. Block Party Request

    The Urbandale Police Department encourages neighborhood block parties. This is an opportunity for residents to get together with their... More…

  2. Compliments & Complaints Form
  3. UrbandaleEYE - Community Camera Program

    The Urbandale Police Department's Community Camera Program is an innovative way for citizens to take an active role in keeping our... More…

  1. Citizens Police Academy Application
  2. Contact a Police Recruiter