Banners Around Town

You may notice some banners around town and the designs relate to life in Urbandale. The recently constructed monument signs at the intersection of Douglas Avenue. and I-35/80 have eight stones that represent Urbandale. The imagery from these stones is used as a visual bridge and cohesive identity for the banners around town. The banners include stylized images of the clock from Downtown Urbandale, a water tower at Living History Farms, a historic streetcar, and representations of nature, technology, recreation, industry, and partnerships.


NatureThose of us lucky enough to live near parks, open spaces, and greenways know the joys they bring: the calming views of trees and green lawns, the fresh air, and the laughter of children playing. With more than 1,000 square feet of public green space per resident, it's no wonder people love calling Urbandale home.


RecreationUrbandale offers many beautiful parks and outdoor recreational opportunities around almost every corner! We invite you to get out and enjoy one of our 50+ parks, 50+ miles of trails and 1,000 acres of parkland. Urbandale is also home to a bustling senior recreation center, numerous sports fields, shelters, and facilities for rent.

Water Tower

WatertowerThis water tower was originally located on Living History Farms grounds and remains in the Heritage Park development. Living History Farms is an interactive outdoor history museum that educates, entertains, and connects people of all ages to Midwestern rural life experiences. Living History Farms seeks to re-create the daily routines of representative historical years by means of “living history” interpretation.

Clock Tower

ClocktowerThis banner represents the clock tower in the "Downtown" part of Urbandale. The Des Moines neighborhood now known as Beaverdale was originally known as "Urbandale". The railroad/streetcar line owners had acquired 160 acres around the station and subdivided it into a plat called Urbandale on March 6, 1907, and the subsequent development became known as "Urbandale." The original Urbandale neighborhood then adopted the Beaverdale name to distinguish itself from the new Urbandale development.

Historic Streetcar

StreetcarOriginally constructed in 1905 (and intended to be a railroad line), the streetcar system fueled Urbandale's early growth. The streetcar line served commuters traveling to work in "the city" (Des Moines), and provided access to medical services, delivered freight and supplies to Urbandale residents, and afforded general transportation before automobiles became commonplace.


TechThe tech sector accounts for 6.9% of total jobs in Urbandale. That’s 4.3% higher than the United States’ average and that percentage is growing. In the past five years, Urbandale experienced 19% job growth in the tech sector, a number that tech companies can really get behind. Engaged community leaders, robust talent attraction strategies, and a focus on service-oriented business practices has our community coming out on top.  



Iowa is a manufacturing state and Urbandale is a maker’s city! Companies here benefit from the high-quality, low-cost environment and residents can easily access opportunities for advancing a manufacturing career at respected research institutions like Iowa State University. Nearby Des Moines Area Community College also offers classes to build and enhance essential manufacturing skills.


PartnershipsEffective community partnerships help address the needs of any community, and Urbandale is no exception. Urbandale has partnerships ranging from business development, to utilities, and even education. These partnerships allow our community members to join together to identify common ideas and to develop a plan of action.