Adopt a Park

Help keep our parks safe and beautiful. Sign up to be a Park Ambassador for a one-year commitment and receive a free t-shirt!

  • Park Ambassadors are asked to visit the park at least twice per month, complete the park inspection checklist, and submit the report at the end of each month.
  • If you notice an issue that presents a hazard or safety issue – don’t wait! Please contact the Parks and Recreation office immediately (hanging branches, broken equipment, fallen trees, excess garbage, etc.)
  • Ambassadors are not required to fix, repair, or perform any duty that you are not comfortable doing. Just contact the Parks and Recreation office and we will take care of it promptly.
  • Park Ambassadors receive recognition with a sign located at the adopted park and a t-shirt! We ask for Park Ambassadors to wear their free t-shirt at the park when evaluating the area.

How to Sign up:

We are seeking Park Ambassadors for the Adopt a Park Program. To see which Urbandale parks are available to adopt, view below or call the Parks and Recreation office at 515-278-3963.

Park Adoption Availability Map

If you are interested, you can apply with our online application, download and mail in application, or contact the Parks and Recreation office at or by phone at 515-278-3963. If the park you are interested in is available, you will receive confirmation and your free t-shirt!

It’s as simple as that! Consider becoming a Park Ambassador for your neighborhood park, and help keep Urbandale’s Parks safe and beautiful!