Future Workforce & Education Stats

Urbandale is home to six public school districts and two private schools. See a map of the school districts in Urbandale at this link.

Generally, educational institutions accessible to residents of Urbandale perform above the State of Iowa's average score in a number of performance standards. Iowa's focus on a top notch educational system contributes to a high quality of life for Urbandale citizens and a solid pipeline of talent for the business community's future workforce.

Public Schools

Graduation Rate (2017)Proficiency (2017-2018)ACT Score (2018)
Des Moines Independent82.5%62.8%17.5
West Des Moines93.8%86.0%24.0
Dallas Center-Grimes97.3%87.0%23.4

Private Schools

SchoolGraduation Rate (2018)ACT Score (2018)
Des Moines Christian100.0%25.8

Urbandale is home to St. Pius X School as well. However, these statistics are reported for high schools only, and St. Pius X School offers classes from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

State of Iowa (2018)

Measurement State Average
Graduation Rate91.4%
ACT Score21.8 State Average, 20.8 National Average


Proficiency describes a school's success at meeting minimally sufficient performance level benchmarks, in the subjects of Reading, Mathematics, or a combination of both.

Sources include Iowa Department of Education, annual progress report from Des Moines Christian and ACT Inc.