Veterans Memorial

The Urbandale Veterans Memorial was dedicated on November 12, 2012. The Memorial is located on the east side of the Charles Gabus Memorial Tree Park and Gardens, which is located just south of the Urbandale Public Library. The Memorial features 5 granite columns. Each column is engraved with the insignia of United States Military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy). Surrounding the columns is a brick plaza featuring dedication bricks that are engraved with service member names, branch of service, and conflict they fought in. In the center of the Memorial flies 4 flags, the United States flag, the State of Iowa flag, the City of Urbandale flag, and the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) flag.


The Urbandale Veterans Memorial is a partnership between the Urbandale Community Action Network (UCAN), Urbandale Friends of the Parks, the City of Urbandale and private sponsorships. The Urbandale Veterans Memorial came to the forefront during a round of community conversations sponsored by UCAN in 2010.

Funding & Design

The American Legion post in Urbandale (#663) and community members sold bricks to help fund raise for the project. Bricks were sold for $100, and are incorporated into the Memorial. The architecture firm Shive Hattery and landscape architect Jon Crose designed the Memorial.


You can search for a name of a veteran by the branch of service (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, or Foreign Military). To better provide a context of the sacrifice and time in which those who served encountered, a brief listing of the War or conflict can be found at the Use of U.S. Armed Forces Page. Below is an alphabetical listing of veterans by last name.

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Veterans Plaque

Achilli, Sam J.: Army
Adams, William D.: Air Force
Ahlhelm, Cory: Army
Allen, Raymond D.: Army
Althouse Sr., HW: Army
Arthur, Michael K.: Air Force
Baak, Larry: Air Force
Bagg, Ray: Army
Bain, James M.: Navy
Baker, Britt: Army
Baker, Gene: Navy
Baldridge, Norman: Navy
Ball 3rd, James E.: Army
Barger, John: Army
Barnes, Benjamin C.: Army
Barnes, Startle D.: Army
Barrick, Vernon: Air Force
Bean, Ambrose E.: Army
Bechtel, Larry L.: Navy
Beeler, James "Bob": Navy
Behmer, Jack B.: Navy
Benedict, Carl M.: Navy
Best, Frederick J.: Air Force
Biller, Thomas F.: Army
Billings, David: Navy
Black, Norman L.: Air Force
Blundon, Adam J.: Air Force
Boatright, Kenneth: Navy
Boaz, Kenneth: Navy
Boesen, John W.: Army
Boitnott, Joe: Army
Boller, Donald: Navy
Bolton, Sidney M.: Army
Booker, Michael J.: Army
Bortell, Randy: Army
Bottelson, Leroy E.: Navy
Breiten, Jack: Navy
Brock, William A.: Air Force
Budeslich, John M.: Army
Burkman, Robert L.: Army
Cacciatore, Louis: Coast Guard
Caldbeck, Jim: Marine Corps
Campbell, Robert E.: Navy
Carr Jr., Charles E.: Navy
Chleborad, Don: Army
Chleborad, Donald: Army
Christensen, Carl: Marine Corps
Christensen, Carl R.: Marine Corps
Christman, Rick: Army
Christoffel, Eric P.: Army
Coates, Don: Army
Coates, G. K. "Ken": Army
Coder, John K.: Air Force
Codner, Robert J.: Army
Cohan, Mark I.: Army
Condon, William J.: Army
Coon, John B.: Air Force
Couch, Jeff: Air Force
Couch, Lee: Air Force
Couch, Mickey: Navy
Cox, William B.: Air Force
Craft, Everett E.: Army
Cramer, Larry: Navy
Crew, Morton R., MD: Marine Corps
Crockett, LM "Max": Army
Crouse, Jon: Army
Crowell, Bill: Navy
Cruikshank, Don: Air Force
Cruikshank, Jon P.: Air Force
Cruikshank, Jonathan: Air Force
Dabill, Jesse: Army
Dabrieo, Robert E.: Army
Dahlhauser, Paul P.: Air Force
Daly, James T.: Navy
Davis, Gary L.: Army
Debord, Robert D.: Army
Decook, Arvin: Army
Densford, Charles F.: Army
Deroos, Gelvin "Gil": Air Force
Derosear, Paul L.: Marine Corps
Dewey, Jack L.: Air Force
Dickey, Wendell R.: Navy
Dotson, Larry D.: Army
Dotson, Robert J.: Navy
Dotson, Robert M.: Navy
Doyle, Brian M.: Army
Doyle, Francis J.: Army
Dressen, James B.: Army
Duff, James I.: Army
Edwards, Carroll D.: Air Force
Eischeid, Gerald O.: Navy
Eisfelder, Charles: Army
Elliott, David G.: Army
Elliott, Sean R.: Marine Corps
Fagen, Harry R.: Army
Farrell, Michael A.: Army
Fenton, Scotney: Army
Flaxman, Elliott M.: Air Force
Fleming, Chad M.: Marine Corps
Folsom, John: Navy
Franzen, Donald F.: Army
Funte, William: Army
Gabby, Jeffrey M.: Army
Gardiner, Cliff D.: Navy
Gass, Darrell, J.: Navy
Gass, Roger: Navy
Gass, Ronald: Army
Gass, Warren C.: Army
Gass, Wayne, F.: Navy
Gates, Robert L.: Marine Corps
Giedraitis, Ed: Navy
Ginther, Joseph M.: Navy
Gladfelder, Robert: Air Force
Goodman, C. R.: Marine Corps
Goodman, Dick: Navy
Graham, Michael: Army
Gray, Charles J.: Army
Greene, Richard J.: Marine Corps
Greethurst, Kenneth: Marine Corps
Griffen, Terry L.: Army
Grimm, Thomas K.: Army
Gunder, Donald C.: Army
Hagedorn, Lawrence: Marine Corps
Haggerty, James F.: Army
Halberstadt, Ray: Army
Hamilton, Lester L.: Army
Hanna, Frank R.: Army
Hannam, Henry J.: Army
Hanson, Howard A.: Army
Harden Jr, Raymond: Army
Harger, Fletcher: Army
Harris, Howard: Army
Hatch 1st, Carter D.: Army/Navy
Hatfield, Ted L.: Marine Corps
Hawkins, Vince: Navy
Hester, Leo H.: Marine Corps
Hibbs, Darrell: Air Force
Holt, David C.: Marine Corps
Hooten, Jefry: Navy
Hoskins, Robert L.: Army
Hotovec, William J.: Navy
Houghton, Jonathan C.: Army
Howe, Robert M.: Army
Hrbek, Eugene W: Army
Ibsen, Irvin A.: Army
Irving, Charles E: Army
Jacobs, Harold R.: Army
Jeffries, Jack J.: Navy
Jenison, Marlin P.: Air Force
Jensen, George: Army
Johannesen, Gordon: Army
Johansen, Arnold: Army
Johnson, Mark S: Army
Jones, Craig B.: Army
Katch, Vencent G.: Army
Kellar, Lyle H.: Navy
Kempkes, James: Navy
Kiefer, Larry: Marine Corps
Kincy, Justin M.: Army
Kipper, Rex E: Navy
Koll, Kenneth B.: Army
Kooser, Charles: Army
Langenberg, Leland: Air Force
Latimer, Kenneth B.: Navy
Latimer, Steven A.: Air Force
Lauritsen, Frederik: Air Force
Lawson, Bill: Air Force
Lawson, Robert D.: Marine Corps
Lee, Wylie S: Army
Lemke, Delaine W: Army
Lemon, Bob: Army
Lemon, Clark: Navy
Leutzinger, Harold: Navy
Leutzinger, Richard: Army
Lewis, Truman L.: Army
Long, Robert D.: Marine Corps
Looney, Cecil C.: Army
Lovell, Clarence E: Navy
Lucas, Clarance L.: Army
Lull, H. Dean: Air Force
Maloney, Martin J.: Navy
Mann Jr, Roy J.: Army
Maser, Robert M.: Marine Corps
Matlock, William E: Army
Maty, John G.: Navy
McClannahan, Gene: Navy
McCormick, Eugene M.: Army
McCulley, Anthony E: Army
McCune, John L.: Army
McDole, Glenn W: Marine Corps
McDonald, Steven: Air Force
McDowell, George: Navy
McDowell, Zac: Army
McGuire, Thomas M.: Army
McIntire, Charles L.: Army
McLaughlin, Jess: Army
McNulty, Terrance L.: Marine Corps
McPherson, Alan C.: Navy
McPherson, John C.: Army
Mendelsohn, Harry: Army
Mendelsohn, Israel: Army
Mesenbrink, Karen L.: Marine Corps
Meyers, Garry Leo: Marine Corps
Moore, Earl K.: Army
Mortale, Anthony A.: Army
Mueller, Fred E: Navy
Mueller, George Wm: Army
Myers, Orville S: Air Force
Nagel, Cliff: Army
Natzke, Jim: Navy
Nelson, Gerald: Army
Nelson, John A.: Air Force
Newcomb, William D.: Navy
Niffenegger, Robert: Navy
Noel, Dale: Marine Corps
North, James E: Air Force
O'Bleness, James: Army
Ocken, Dale J.: Navy
Orthaus, John E: Army
Osborn, Alvadore J.: Navy
Pagliai, Edwin R.: Army
Parent, Richard: Navy
Parker, Clyde M.: Army
Pasco, George W: Army
Pasco, Raymond L.: Army
Petersen, Richard D.: Army
Peterson, Robert E: Air Force
Petty, Randall N: Army
Pfeifer, Alvin F.: Army
Pille, Arnold J.: Army
Pilmer, John D.: Navy
Pilmer, John R.: Navy
Politsch, Albert L.: Army
Polson, Max D.: Navy
Pontisso, Frank J.: Marine Corps
Potter, James: Army
Potter, William: Army
Powers, Donald L.: Army
Raasch, Michael D.: Marine Corps
Ramsey, Jon: Navy
Rattray, Richard: Marine Corps
Reed Jr, Ralph W: Army
Reichart, Bob: Air Force
Reicks, Tom: Navy
Remsburg, Glen: Army
Ribble, Wayne A.: Navy
Riel, Ron: Navy
Rissman, Lawrence W: Air Force
Roberts, Jack H.: Army
Rolow, William L.: Navy
Roul, Douglas J.: Navy
Roul, Kurt D.: Navy
Routson, Merl: Air Force
Ruggieri Jr, Gabriel: Air Force
Rumage, Michael: Marine Corps
Ruppe, Emery L.: Navy
Russell, David B.: Navy
Russell, Lawrence V.: Navy
Russell, Ray L.: Navy
Russell, Saffell: Marine Corps/Navy
Russell, Wayne A.: Army/Navy
Rutherford, Ted: Army
Rygn, Leonard J.: Army
Safris, Charles: Air Force
Salisbury, Willard: Navy
Sanford, Harvey M.: Army
Santage, Howard W: Marine Corps
Santage, James A.: Army
Schaffer, Gaylord: Marine Corps
Schaffer, Gerald: Marine Corps
Schaffer, Gregory R.: Marine Corps
Schaffer, Jason C.: Marine Corps
Schaffer, Raymon G.: Navy
Schaffer, Raymon G.: Marine Corps
Schaffer, Shawn: Army
Schmitz, John T.: Air Force
Schneider, Wayne: Army
Schnoebelen, Carl V.: Air Force
Schnurr, Donald J.: Army
Schwab, Charles A.: Air Force
Scott, Craig: Army
Scrutchfield, Guy: Navy
Severino Sr, Frank: Air Force
Severino, Charles: Army
Shostram, Earl R.: Army
Siegel, John J.: Army
Sievers, Floyd S: Navy
Simon, Robert Linn: Navy
Smith, Gerald "Shorty": Army
Smith, Jack Rae: Army
Snuggs, Keith: Navy
Snuggs, Paul: Navy
Sprecher, Vaun: Army
Stamp, Jack: Marine Corps
Stanfel, Lawrence R.: Marine Corps
Steinmetz, William: Army
Stessman, Charles B.: Army
Stork, Frank C.: Marine Corps
Stork, Stephen, F.: Army
Strand, R. Donald: Army
Strominger, Jon C.: Navy
Strong, Carl H.: Army
Swanson, Clifford L.: Air Force
Swart, Clifford: Army
Swartz, Cliff: Army
Swift, Richard C.: Air Force
Sydnes, Stanley: Army
Szymoniak, CD "Chuck": Army
Tasler, Gene L.: Air Force
Tasler, John: Air Force
Timmins, Robert C.: Air Force
Townsend, Ray E: Army
Ullestad, Norman: Navy
Van Heuvelen, Henry: Air Force
Van Horn, Edward: Navy
Vertz, Ed: Marine Corps
Walton, Thomas W: Navy
Warren, K. Neil: Navy
Watson, Lawrence L.: Army
Weddell, Edwin: Army
Weddell, Robert: Army
Weigel, Mike: Army
Wiese, John A.: Army
Wiese, Joseph M.: Marine Corps
Wilcoxson, Wayne E: Navy
Wilhelm, John E: Navy
Williamson, Paul E: Army
Wilson, Cornelis J.: Foreign Military
Wilson, Garold: Army
Winey, Delmer E: Army
Winger, Edward G.: Air Force
Winter, Eugene A.: Army
Witmer, James Clyde: Army
Witmer, Jerry: Navy
Witt, Richard W: Marine Corps
Woods, Eric P.: Army
Woodard, William: Marine Corps
Young, Jack E: Army
Young, Robert E: Marine Corps

Veterans Memorial