Electricity & Natural Gas

MidAmerican Energy Company provides electric and gas services to Urbandale.  MidAmerican Energy Call Center employees can assist with any gas or electric emergencies, help you start, transfer and discontinue service, as well as address billing, payment or service-related questions.

Phone: 1-888-427-5632
Email: onlinecustomerservice@midamerican.com

TV / Internet / Phone*

Several providers serve Urbandale and offer an array of services.



Dish Network

Consolidated Communications




*This is not an exhaustive list. These are not City of Urbandale programs or services. The City of Urbandale neither endorses nor sponsors this organization or activity represented in this material. It is being distributed through the City of Urbandale to inform residents and businesses of opportunities and services available.

Sanitary Sewer

Urbandale has two Sewer Districts that service residents, the Urbandale Sanitary Sewer District and the Urbandale/Windsor Heights Sanitary Sewer District.  To locate your district, view the Sanitary Sewer Map.  The City's staff can assist with sewer emergencies and service related questions.

Phone: 1-515-278-3950
Email: engpw@urbandale.org

Trash / Recycling / Yard Waste

Trash is collected by the City.  Household recyclables are collected by Waste Management through the metro area's Curb It! program.  Yard waste is collected by the City through the MWA's Compost It! program.  Trash, recycling and yard waste are collected Monday through Thursday.  Trash and yard waste (April - December) is collected every week and recycling is collected every other week. 

City staff can assist with trash and yard waste service questions, new containers, missed collections and special collection services.

Phone: 1-515-278-3950
Email: engpw@urbandale.org

Waste Management staff can assist with recycling service questions and missed collection requests.

Phone: 1-515-244-7336


The Urbandale Water Utility provides water services to Urbandale.  The Utility purchases treated water from the Des Moines Water Works and distributes that water to its Urbandale customers.  Water Utility employees can assist with water emergencies, help you start, transfer and discontinue service, was well as address billing, payment or service-related questions.

Phone: 1-515-278-3940

Web Site: http://urbandalewater.org/

Email: customerservice@urbandalewater.org