Biennial Community Survey

The City of Urbandale conducts a biennial (every other year) community (formerly citizen) survey. The survey asks residents to indicate their level of satisfaction with city services, ranging from police services to community growth.

2020 Community Survey

The 2020 Community Survey was conducted August through November. The final survey reports were presented to the City Council, at its December 15, 2020 Council meeting.

2020 Community Survey Results

Urbandale partnered for the sixth time with the National Community Survey (NCS) to conduct the 2020 survey. The NCS also conducted the city's 2018, 2016, 2013, 2011 and 2009 surveys. The 2020 survey was mailed to 2,800 random households in Urbandale. In total, 403 completed surveys were received, which yielded at response rate of approximately 15%. This yielded a confidence level of 95%, with a margin of error of + or - 5%.

Quality of Life

Almost all residents rated the quality of life in Urbandale as excellent or good (93%). This rating has remained steady since the City's 2009 survey results. Additionally, 95% of respondents rated Urbandale as an excellent or good place to live. The vast majority (92%) of residents would recommend living in Urbandale to someone who asked. 

Trends Over Time

The survey reports also discuss trends over time (PDF), comparing the 2020 ratings for the City to its previous survey results in 2018. The majority of ratings in Urbandale for 2020 remained stable. Of the 118 items for which comparisons were available:

  • 3 showed an increase in ratings
  • 38 items showed a decrease in ratings
  • 77 items were rated similarly

Demographic Subgroups

The city also cross tabulated survey questions by demographic characteristics (PDF), which included number of years living in Urbandale, presence of children 17 or under in the household, age and gender. Notable differences between demographic subgroups include:

  • Residents with children tended to rate Urbandale as a place to live higher than residents without children.
  • Residents aged 35 or older tended to give higher ratings than residents who were 18-34. In addition, residents age 35 or older were more likely to be civically engaged than younger residents.
  • Where differences occurred, female residents gave higher positive ratings to the sense of community and community pride, and the overall direction Urbandale is taking than male residents.

Geographic Subgroups

Additionally, the city cross tabulated survey questions by geographic area (PDF), Polk County or Dallas County. Notable differences between geographic subgroups include:

  • Residents in Dallas County were more likely to positively recommend living in Urbandale to someone who asks.
  • Polk County residents tended to give higher ratings than residents in Dallas County to the value of services for the taxes paid to Urbandale.

2018 & Other Past Survey Results

Urbandale conducted an in-house survey in 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2006. The NCS was used to conduct the 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018 surveys. Review these past survey result reports.

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