Creek Access and Outdoor Classroom Public Art Project

The City of Urbandale is currently under contract for the construction of an ICON (Iowa Confluence Water Trails) Project, which includes a creek access component, as well as an outdoor classroom and reforestation area in Walker Johnston Regional Park. With the help of a grant from BRAVO/ICON, the City will be adding a public art component to this project.

Art creates new avenues for visitors to interact and connect with the natural and cultural treasures in our parks and community. Adding public art in Walker Johnston Reginal Park to the North Walnut creek access area is intended to bring a sense of enchantment to a spot designed to inspire curiosity and love of nature in anyone who visits.

Three finalist have been selected to bring elements of sensory and interactive art to this space to further build a sense of place, community, and belonging to this unique area of the park and woods.

Please review the three proposals below and share any comments and feedback you have here.

  1. Journey by James Peterson (PDF)
  2. Life in Walnut Creek by Casto Solano (PDF)
  3. Samaras by Molly Spain (PDF)

Walker Johnston Park Creek Access ICON Water Art-01

Walker Johnston Park Creek Access ICON Water Art-02

Walker Johnston Park Creek Access ICON Water Art-03