Urbandale Flag Project

The Urbandale Flag Project is a community engagement initiative to create a new flag for the City. Everyone is invited to participate in the process with their ideas and designs. The Mayor and City Council are launching this project to create a flag that unites all of Urbandale and inspires pride in those with a connection to our community. The new flag will be unveiled at the Mayor's State of the City Address in June 2024. Please note the timeline below is tentative and may be adjusted.

Anticipated Timeline:

A committee of community volunteers, the Mayor, and staff are helping guide the project process. The new flag will be unveiled at the Mayor's State of the City Address in June 2024. Please note that the timeline below may be adjusted based on specific needs or unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the project.

October 2023:

Flag Design Contest Announcement. Submission period opens late October.

November 2023:

Submission period open.

December 2023:

Submission period open.

January 2024:

Submission period closes Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

February - March 2024:

Compile and evaluate flag design submissions from the community.

April 2024:

Community review period opens.

May 2024:

City staff finalize details for new flag.

June 2024:

New flag design revealed at Mayor's State of the City Address.

U.S. and City of Urbandale FlagUrbandale's current flag under the U.S. Flag

Questions? Contact Curtis Brown, Assistant City Manager: cbrown@urbandale.org or 515-331-6756.

Additional Resources and Information:

Things to consider when designing the flag:

  • Urbandale was incorporated on April 16, 1917, with less than 300 residents. Urbandale is now home to about 47,000 residents.
  • Urbandale is home to six public school districts.
  • Urbandale is located in both Dallas and Polk Counties.
  • Urbandale is less than 15 minutes from downtown Des Moines and the state capital.
  • Urbandale is located in the northwest part of the Des Moines Metro Area at the intersections of Interstate 35, Interstate 80, and Iowa Highway 141.
  • What's it like to live in Urbandale?
  • The origin of the name "Urbandale" is not known. Read about more Urbandale's history here.

Designs for the new Urbandale flag should follow the five basic principles of good flag design published by the North American Vexillological Association:

  1. Keep It Simple: A flag should be so simple it can be drawn from memory.
  2. Use Meaningful Symbolism: A flag’s images, colors, or patterns should relate to what it symbolizes.
  3. Use 2-3 Basic Colors: Limit the number of colors on the flag to three which contrast well and come from the standard color set.
  4. No Lettering or Seals: Never use writing of any kind or an organization’s seal.
  5. Be Distinctive or Related: Avoid duplicating other flags, but you can use similarities to show connections.

City Council Resolution

The City Council approved Resolution 200-2023 on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, setting in motion a process to design a new flag for Urbandale.

Educator Resources

The City of Urbandale has developed comprehensive educational materials to engage students in the flag design process. These materials are locally relevant and will provide Social Studies, History, Government, and Fine/Practical Arts teachers with helpful, engaging, and educationally-appropriate materials to make this flag design project a meaningful part of your students’ learning.

Flag Design Committee Members 

  • Mayor Bob Andeweg
  • Councilmember Blake Rozendaal
  • Pat Finnerty, Urbandale Historical Society; Imagine Urbandale Committee
  • Emma Thomas-McGinnis, Graphic Designer
  • A.J. Johnson, City Manager
  • Curtis Brown, Assistant City Manager
  • Derek Zarn, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Rita Fredericks, Deputy City Clerk

Flag Design Selection Working Group

  • Cate Newberg
  • Gavin Moore
  • Hana Ahmed
  • Jodi Gilson Schrage
  • Lisa Flyr
  • Samuel Larson

Newspaper Articles From Urbandale's Past Flag Design Project

News article clipping from 2000 with headline: New flag symbolizes city's pride

Urbandale Press Citizen news article clipping from 2000

Our Urbandale Flag news article clipping from June 2000