Little Walnut Creek Sanitary Sewer

The City of Waukee is constructing a new sanitary sewer through portions of Urbandale and Clive. The new sanitary sewer will allow Waukee to connect to the regional Wastewater Reclamation Authority wastewater system. Some the trails will be closed at various times while the project is taking place. Click here to see what trails are currently closed or open.

The project is located along Little Walnut Creek beginning at approximately 144th Street in Urbandale and extending to the west side of N Warrior Lane in Waukee. It will be constructed entirely on property owned by the Cities of Urbandale, Clive and Waukee, which have reached an agreement on the provisions and requirements to allow the City of Waukee’s contractor, S. J. Louis Construction, Inc., to construct the project. Because the new sewer is being installed adjacent to the existing sewer, the work area is relatively fixed to align with existing infrastructure.

This project is the first part of a multi-project collaboration among Waukee, Urbandale and Clive to extend infrastructure, connect recreational trails and enhance green spaces. Following sewer construction, Clive will start streambank stabilization, trail and habitat restoration projects. Urbandale will expand Walnut Creek Regional Park and eventually complete a trail connection between the Little Walnut Creek and Bob Layton Trails.

Project Updates:

The City of Waukee will provide project updates at, and you may sign up for updates on sister projects for streambank stabilization and reforestation with the City of Clive by emailing

Contacts and Questions:

If you have any questions about the sewer project, please contact Sara Kappos, Assistant Public Works Director of Engineering for the City of Waukee, at 515-978-7920 or

Letter sent to residents in Urbandale:

A letter was mailed to residents in the area with more information about the project. You can download a copy of that letter here.