North Walnut Creek Bank Stabilization

Project Location North Walnut Creek

Project Description:

This project would stabilize the banks of North Walnut Creek from approximately Roseland Drive to Hickman Road.  Bank shaping, rip-rap, and riffle structures will be added to reduce erosion.  Some trees will be removed to complete bank work and prevent future blockages of the creek due to fallen trees and branches.  Nagel Construction is the contractor for this project.  Work will be completed in Spring 2023.

Access and Work Zones:

Trail sections will be closed as needed for construction work; this is for the safety of the trail users as well as the construction crew.  Please respect trail closed signs.

Project Status Update, 06/02/2023:

Project work is complete.  The Contractor has completed tree removal and storm sewer repairs, and is finishing installation of rip-rap, bendway weirs, riffle structures, and final restoration. 

Project Maps: