Aurora Preservation

Aurora Corridor

Project Status Update, 09/23/2023:

Stage 5 Reconstruction is also proceeding.  Gas services have been relocated.  Due to rain delays the week of 9/18, paving of Stage 5 is scheduled for the week of 9/25.  Patches will occur in Stage 3 and Stage 5 when possible around other reconstruction work.

Stage 3 Reconstruction is proceeding.  Prep work for paving is ongoing.  The contractor will pave Stage 3 after Stage 5 is paved. 

The Contractor has completed patching in Stages 1, 5 and 6 as well as the full reconstruction paving in Stages 1 and 2. Restoration of sod in Stages 1 and 2 is estimated to happen the last week of September.  Please see below for information letter mailed to residents 04/26 as well as the current construction areas.

Residents will be notified and message boards posted prior to any road closures.  Please check back for project updates.

Project Description:

This project would provide for the preservation of Aurora Avenue from Tanglewood Drive to 86th Street.   Portions of the roadway will be reconstructed, and portions will be full-panel PCC patches.  All paving on this project is PCC concrete.  The street will not be widened.  Temporary sidewalks will be installed for resident access during construction and will be removed on project completion.  Sidewalk ramps at intersections will be made ADA compliant.  The Contractor for this Project is Alliance Construction Group.

Access and Work Zones:

The patches on this project will be done while maintaining through traffic.  The reconstruction portions of this project require a full closure and will be completed in stages.  See map below for approximate stage limits for reconstruction; these stages may not be completed in numerical order.  Please follow posted signs and detours for routing around construction. Please check back here for updates on closures after a contractor is selected.

Frequently Asked Questions for Residents:

Where can I park?  Residents may park on side streets or on Aurora Avenue outside the work zones.  The Contractor will communicate with residents as to when you can get back on to your street for local access only.  For Stage 2 residents, you may park on Aurora Avenue in Stage 1 or east of Mary Lynn Drive, or on Mary Lynn Drive. 

What about garbage and mail delivery during road closures?  Please see the "Construction Notice from the Contractor" below for additional information on temporary mailboxes and garbage collection.  A temporary mailbox will be installed at one end of the reconstruction stage.  Garbage and recycling should be placed at the end of your drive as usual.  

What about my mailbox restoration? Please see the "Construction Notice from the Contractor" below for additional information on replacement of mailboxes.  The Contractor has temporarily placed mailboxes for Stage 1 and will be working on permanant placement in the next few weeks (as of 7/7/2023).

What about lawn restoration? The Contractor is responsible for lawn restoration; this will be completed in the fall when weather improves for sod.  If you have concerns about irrigation, please reach out to the City or to the Contractor at the contacts below.

Why isn't anything happening in Stage 2 right now?  As of July 11, we are waiting for MidAmerican Energy to lower gas services in this phase.  Please see notes above for their schedule.  It is no uncommon to have gas services just below pavement.  Fortunately, the services in Stage 1 were low enough that work could proceed.  MidAmerican is actively working to address the conflicts found in Stage 2.

Who can I contact for More Info?  Please see the two "Construction Notices" below for contact info for the City and for the Contractor.

Project Maps:

Patching Progress: