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A modern home cannot be complete without up to date home security, technology, and electric systems. All of these home necessities can be met with a trip to the Home Improvement Corridor!

A Tech

Address: 10401 Hickman Road

Phone Number: 515-276-5040

Website: A Tech

Consolidated Electric Distributors (CED)

Address: 10081 Hickman Road

Phone Number: 515-974-4404

Website: CED

Crescent Electric Supply Company

Address: 3501 111th Street 

Phone Number: 515-283-2331

Website: Crescent Electric

Fusion Technologies

Address: 2855 104th Street

Phone Number: 515-661-5520

Website: Fusion Technologies

Purelight Power of Iowa

Address: 4673 121st Street

Phone Number: 515-461-6445

Website: Purelight Power

Spectrum Lighting

Address: 2540 104th Street

Phone Number: 515-276-5088

Website: Spectrum Lighting

Technology by Design

Address: 3956 NW Urbandale Drive

Phone Number: 515-331-7999

Website: Technology by Design