170th Street Reconstruction with Meredith Drive

Project Description:

This project would provide for the reconstruction of 170th Street from Meredith Drive to Waterford Road as well as approximately 1/4 mile of Meredith Drive, east of 170th Street. Both roads will be reconstructed as a four-lane roadway with left-turn lanes, including grading and storm sewer.  170th Street will include the City’s Complete Street policy, with a 5’ sidewalk and 10’ separate bike lane along the west side of the road.  Meredith Drive will include a 10’ trail along the north side of the road.  A Traffic Signal will be installed at 170th Street and Meredith Drive.  This project has received a State Transportation Block Grant to assist with funding.  170th Street is known as "Alice's Road" in Clive and Waukee.

The Contractor for this project is C.J. Moyna & Sons, LLC, and Progressive Structures, LLC, joint venture.  This project is a two-year project and is anticipated to be completed in the Fall of 2023.

Status Summary:

As of 11/23/2022, 170th Street is closed to all thru traffic at Hickory Drive.  Meredith is closed west of 170th Street to all thru traffic.  The Contractor has scheduled to have these roadways re-opened by mid-December.

Access and Work Zones:

This project will be completed in stages.  Please follow posted signs and detours for routing around construction. Please check back here for updates on closures as work progresses.

Maps will be posted to this webpage with additional information.   The schedule is subject to change based on weather, conditions in the field, and contractor coordination.   Check back to this page for project updates.  As always, please use caution in the construction zone and obey all traffic control, for your safety and the safety of others.  We appreciate your patience, thank you for your cooperation.

Please see the "Staging Map Below" for project stages.  This is a two-year project.   The goal for Year 1 was to get Stages 1A, 1B, and 1C completed; due to weather and utility delays, this may be adjusted.  Year 2 will start with Stage 2, with Stage 3 taking place after school is out for the summer in 2023.

Project Status Update, 11/23/2022:

The Contractor is working in Stages 1A-1E and 3A.  Grading is ongoing, and water main and storm sewer is being installed.  Utility companies are continuing to work on relocations.

Stage 1A inside lanes are open; this is the Meredith Drive reconstruction from east of 170th Street to 167th Street. The 169th Street and 167th Street intersection are open. The Contractor will continue completing trails, sidewalks, and biocells in the next few weeks.  Please use caution as the Contractor continues work in the outside lanes.

Stages 1B and 1C inside lanes are openthis is the Meredith Drive and 170th Street intersection as well as 170th Street north up to just south of Hickory Drive.   170th Street is still closed to all thru traffic at Hickory Drive.  Meredith Drive west of the intersection will remain closed.  There will be no access to Radiant Elementary from the south; school traffic must still use Waterford Road to come from the north.  A traffic signal will be installed as part of the reconstruction, scheduled to be completed by early January.  Please use caution as the Contractor continues work in the outside lanes.

Stage 1D, 1E, and 3A are closed to all through traffic; this is 170th Street from just south of Hickory Drive to just south of Radiant Elementary, and Meredith Drive west of 170th Street.  The Contractor will be installing mainline paving thru Hickory Drive and temporary pavement north of the intersection in the next few weeks.  The Contractor is also working on grading and paving Meredith Drive west of 170th Street.  Paving work scheduled for the next few weeks will likely be delayed due to adverse weather conditions.  170th Street and Meredith Drive are anticipated to be opened by the end of the year, weather permitting.

Please see the map below for the locations of the stages; this map will be updated when dates are set for closures.  Message boards will be posted on the roadway prior to closures to alert residents of upcoming changes. An official detour route has been established, and the Police and Fire Departments have been notified of the closed areas

Project Maps: