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Posted on: August 7, 2017

Urbandale to Install Battery Backup Units for 13 Traffic Signals

Graphic of a traffic signal

Recently, the Iowa DOT notified the City that Traffic Safety Improvement Program funds had been awarded to this project for construction in 2018.  Under the agreement, the Iowa DOT would provide TSIP grant funds up to $81,575.00 for the purchase of battery backup units for the traffic signals at:

  • 86th Street and New York Avenue, 
  • 86th Street and Hy-Vee Entrance, 
  • 86th Street and Aurora Avenue, 
  • Douglas Avenue and Hy-Vee Entrance, 
  • Douglas Avenue and Mary Lynn Drive, 
  • Douglas Avenue and 104th Street,  
  • Douglas Avenue and 109th Street,  
  • Douglas Avenue and 111th Street, 
  • Douglas Parkway and Pilot Truck Stop Entrance,  
  • Douglas Parkway and 121st Street, 
  • Douglas Parkway and 128th Street,  
  • 99th Street and 100th Street, 
  • 100th Street and NW Urbandale Drive

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