Oakwood Drive Channel Relocation

Project Description

This project would provide for the construction of a 10-foot by 10-foot reinforced box culvert for a distance of approximately 270 feet adjacent to the residences. In addition to the 270 feet of box culvert, mitigation of the channel is necessary at the upstream end and downstream end of the box culvert in order to provide a transition from open flow to the culvert and from the culvert discharge to the open channel. Additional stabilization is required in a secondary area of the channel to stabilize the toe of the channel and to prevent horizontal migration of the channel.

Project Status Update - 11/28/2016

A small portion of Oakwood Drive from Hickory Lane to 64th Street will be closed starting October 3rd, and will be closed until the project is shut down for the winter.  Clearing of trees is completed and the box culvert construction is over half way completed.  Rip-rap placement along the creek also nearly complete.  The current schedule is to get the culvert completed this fall and the project will be substantially complete by mid-March 2017.   

Oakwood Drive Channel Relocation.png