Roadway & Sidewalk Maintenance

The Public Works Department uses a variety of techniques to preserve and maintain all City streets.  Please call 515-278-3950 or email to report a pothole, damaged curb, dead animal or other street maintenance concern.
  1. Sidewalks


    Homeowners have a number of responsibilities when it comes to the sidewalks adjacent to their homes. Foremost among these is the responsibility to keep the sidewalks safe and free of debris.

  1. Snow & Ice Control

    Snow & Ice Control

    The City takes a serious approach and utilizes maximum resources to efficiently and safely remove snow and ice from approximately 430 lane miles of streets.

  1. Street Sweeping

    Street Sweeping

    Street sweeping (aka "street cleaning") plays an important role in traffic safety, community appearance, and storm sewer maintenance. The city sweeps all streets and roadways at least 3 times per year.